User Guide


  1. Introduction
  2. User Account
  3. The basis
    1. Sign-Up for a new User Account
    2. Sign-In your User Account
    3. Edit your User Account
    4. 3.1. Personal press release
    5. Wallet
      1. Deposit in GETON COIN
  4.                   Click on your Profile to open menu and click on Wallet
  5.                   Enter the amount you want to deposit (in GETON COIN ) to instructions.
  6.                   Copy the Deposit address and make sure to check Total amount to deposit.
  7.                   Image make sure to upload a screenshot of the Transaction Hash.
  8.                    2. Withdraw Geton Coin to BSC        
                  6. Referrals
                  7.  Account Verification
                  8. Statistic
In depth
- Edit your subscription
- My subscribers
- My subscriptions
- Payments
- Payments recived
- Payout method
- Withdrawals
Privacy and security
- Privacy and security
   delite account
- Password
- Block countries
- Restricted usres
- Sales
- Products
- Purchased items
  1. 2. Purchased
  2. 3. Message
  3.      3.1 Message
  4.      3.2 How to send message
  5. 4. Influencers
  6. 5. Bookmarks
  7. 6. Privacy and Security - legal

1. Introduction

This manual has been prepared with the greatest care and with the aim of making it easier for users to work with the software, to give you as much pleasure as possible when using it, to minimise the time wasted, and to make it as useful as possible in case of any problems that may arise, even if you do not use the commands very often.
It is divided into meaningful sections that are user-friendly and thus enhance the user experience. The attached images are symbolic and the procedure is virtually the same regardless of the background image attached.
The manual will be updated and supplemented in line with software developments.
We hope to give you the best possible use of the manual

Your leadership

2. User Account

2.1. The basics knowledge

2.1.1. How to Sign-Up for a new User Account?

1. Steep
Open https://geton.commuinty and Click on either the top or middle Register button - both buttons will open a signing-up form.

2. Steep
This will open the registration form. Enter your name or username, email address, Metamsk wallet code as shown in the picture and password. Finally, you must agree to the terms and conditions

3. Steep
An e-mail will arrive in your inbox and by confirming or clicking on the link, your account will become active.

2.1.2. Sign-In your User Account

1. Steep
Open https://geton.commuinty click the Login button and open a signing-up form.

2. Steep
Enter your login mail or Username and password and click Login.

3 Steep
This is how your Dashboard looks, and you can start Editing your profile and make it ready to start freelancing activities.

2.1.3 Edit your User Account Edit basic profile information

1. Steep
Open https://geton.commuinty and Click on either the top or middle Login - both buttons will open a signing-up form as seen below the above point 2.1.2.

2. Seep
You have two options for editing your profile. The first is to click on the Edit button at the top right of the screen as shown in the picture below.


select an Account from the list on the left and click on it as show in the picture below 

3. Steep
and then edit

4 Steep
Here you can set your username and add other remaining information. After you are done click Save changes on the end of form. image and cover editing

With a few clicks, you can add any images or photos as described in the procedure below

1. Steep
Click on your Profile to open menu and from it select My live Profile.

2. Steep
    Here you can set your Profile and Cover photos  Personal press release 

In your personal profile you can set a message that will be visible to everyone who comes to your page. You can use it to communicate your competences, what the site is about, what your goals are,......

1. Steep
You can access this option by clicking on your account, then selecting my profile

2. Steep
To the left of your profile, as indicated below, you will see a space called About me in which you can enter your personal message.

2.1.4 Wallet

Deposits are created in your wallet and your deposit history is visible below. To access the wallet, select the account on the main page and then select the wallet.

This is what the base of the wallet page looks like Deposit USDT / Geton coin

1. Steep
Click on your Profile to open menu and click on Wallet

2. Steep
Enter the amount you want to deposit (in GETON COIN ) to instructions.

The transfer cost is automatically added to the value entered and the total amount to be sent is shown.

3. Steep
 Copy the Deposit address to which the funds will be sent

4. Steep 
Click on the add funds button to create your deposit  Make paymnet with Metmask
Copy the Deposit address and make sure to check Total amount to deposit.

1. Steep 
Open Metamask and click on the first page to select a cryptocurrency to send or pay for. The currency selected is a sample only

2. Steep
Press the send button

3. Steep
Enter the Metamask wallet code you get when creating a deposit 

4. Steep
On the top line, check if you are running the transfer process on the Geton Ledger network. If you are not in this network, select the correct network from the drop-down list by clicking the arrow on the side.The tick in front of the network shows which network you are on. Clicking on the desired network will move it

5. Steep
Enter the value you want to send and confirm

6. Steep
By pressing the confirm button you will confirm the transaction and the funds will be sent to the recipient. Image make sure to upload a screenshot of the Transaction Hash.  Withdraw Geton Coin to BSC

Select an account from the list on the left, then select the payments segment, and at the end of this set are the withdraw. The payment can be made once the minimum amount has been reached. Currently, payouts are only made on Metamask.

You will then be taken to a window as shown in the picture and by clicking on the make Withdraw button and entering the desired amount, you will be able to transfer the money to Metamask.

1.5. Refferal

The recommendation link is used to increase your community through your work. By inviting your family, colleagues, acquaintances,.... you can also generate passive income.

Clicking on an account on the left side of the main menu will open 

opens a list from which to select referrals

Clicking on referrals will open a window with your link as shown in the picture. By clicking on the box on the right you can also copy it and use it to send it on.

1.6. Account Verification


1.7. Statistic

The statistics section on the account tab keeps statistics on earnings, how much money we have available, earnings by day and how many active members there are.


1. Edit your subscription
in this section you can define your own sales policy for your subscriptions and products, by entering in the fields the value of the coins for which you want to sell your subscriptions or your products

When you have entered the values at the end, don't forget to press the button to save your changes. Saved changes start to show your set values.

2.  My subscribers
In this section, a list of subscribers to your site appears with the date of ordering

3.   My subscriptions

In this section, a list of which profiles or pages you are subscribed to will appear


It is actually a billing centre where you can choose your payment methods as well as your payouts, where you can cash out the money you have earned......

1.  Payments

The first selection shows the history of our payments elsewhere

2.   Payments recived
It shows the payments we have received. You can access this tab by clicking on Payments received

And you'll see your benefits history

3.  Payout method
In this section you can select the payment method currently only the payment to Metmask works

Click on the payment method of your choice to choose how your funds will be disbursed.

4.   Withdraws
It is intended to be used for payments, subject to a minimum amount to be paid out

You will then be taken to a window as shown in the picture and by clicking on the make Withdraw button and entering the desired amount, you will be able to transfer the money to Metamask.

Privacy and security

1. Privacy and security
This section is for personal settings such as deleting your account, what can be displayed where and how, and information about how your computer is logged into the system.

Clicking on the account and selecting the personal and security settings will bring up the image below

Don't forget to save your work when you're done by pressing the save changes button

1.1. Delite account 
If you decide to delete your account, you can do so by clicking on the Delete account button.  The button is located on the main Security & Privacy page and is coloured red

If you decide to delete your account, a window will appear to warn you that you cannot restore the action. By entering your password to and confirming it by clicking the delete button, your account will be permanently deleted. Once the account is deleted, all subscriptions and all data associated with your account will be lost. 

2. Password

On the website as seen below, you can change your password to by entering the old password in the first field and the new password in the second field and saving the changes.

3.  Block countries
This selection allows us to block which countries we will work with

Put a country we don't want to work with on the list

And save the changes of course

4.   Block user
A block can be used to blacklist an annoying user. 


The library aims to bring together presentations, videos, instructions all in one place. It is currently still under construction, but when it is ready to be used, this part will be rewarded.
1.  Sales
2.  Products
3.  Purchased items

2. Purchased

By clicking on the button in the main menu on the left side of the Purchased page, you will see your subscriptions or paid content to which you are subscribed.

3. Messages

Messaging means that you can send a message to any person who has subscribed to your content and thus establish direct communication. Direct person-to-person communication can also be carried out through the messaging system. You can also send the message to all your subscribers at once

3.1 Clicking on Message on the home page from the left side opens the Communication Centre 

3.2. How to send message

Clicking on the message in the centre right of the page will open the following window

In the next step, a window appears in the middle of the screen where you can choose whether to send the message to a single subscriber or to the whole group. If you click on the All my subscribers button, the message will go to everyone who is subscribed to your information. If you choose to send it to only one of them, then you must first find them in the list and confirm them.

If you decide to send it to everyone, a window like the one below will pop up and allow you to enter 150 characters as a message, add videos as well as images. If you have chosen to send a message to only one person, then the person you want to send the message to will appear above instead of saying all subscribers

4. Influencers

By selecting Influencers on the left side of the main page 

Opens a page where influencers' posts are sorted.

On the right side you can see that they are sorted by age and if you click on the arrow on the side you can also filter and select them by several strands as shown in the picture.


By clicking on the bookmark on the homepage, you can bookmark individual posts for later personal use. 

This will open a list of your tags and, on the right, the influencers you have tagged or will tag material with.

It can be flagged in the post by clicking on the bottom right corner - on the flag, as seen in the figure.


6. Privacy and Security - legal

The legal and regulatory obligations and how to behave are broken down on the geton.commuinty website below for each area. Please read the legal acts before using them. Not having read all the acts does not exclude any liability and obligations.