Financial Freedom Program

To achieve success through our Financial Freedom Program, it is essential to follow these five important steps:

1. Set clear goals and choose a trading platform that suits your goals.

Define your financial goals clearly. Consider your current financial situation and what you want to achieve. 
This will help you create a specific, measurable, and achievable plan.


2. Select a trusted mentor to help you develop a plan and learn from their knowledge and experience.

Once you have identified your financial goals, create a plan to achieve them. This could include creating a budget, reducing your debt, or investing your money in ways that align with your goals.


3. Take action and duplicate your mentor's success by buying low and selling high.

Implement your plan and take action toward achieving your financial goals. This might involve changing your spending habits, increasing your savings, or seeking professional advice.


4. Return your invested capital and continue trading only with earned profits.

Regularly monitor your progress toward your financial goals and adjust your plan as necessary.
This could involve revising your budget, changing your investment strategy, or reassessing your financial priorities.

4.1 Earn trading profit:

4.2 Return your invested capital:

4.3 Continue trading only with earned profits:


5. Stay disciplined, become a mentor, and duplicate your knowledge with others.

Finally, stay disciplined and committed to your financial plan. Consistent action toward your goals will lead to long-term financial success and freedom.


By following these steps, you can make significant progress towards achieving your financial goals and the freedom to live your desired life.

Geton Community Mentorship's learning courses

When you sign up for the Geton Community Mentorship program, you'll go through four learning sections. Each section is like its own complete course, so you can learn everything you need to know without needing anything from the other sections. We'll teach you everything you need to know about cryptocurrency trading!

Course 1:

MyGetonWallet - MGW

  1. Import token balances from all merged platforms to your MetaMask (optional).
  2. Sign Up for a trading account on Geton Investments - FFP referral structure.
  3. Get 100 META, trade through META Trading Order - learn how it works by example. Learn how to share user experience and knowledge with others - duplication.
  4. Return your order positioning fee back and continue trading with the profits earned. Learn how to withdraw - send trading income to your address on the Binance SmartChain.

Course 2:

Geton Investments

  1. Trade with imported tokens through TOKEN Trading Order - inside your referral structure. Create Token staking on particulate token statistic pages - send on GetonLedger - get on BSC. Exchange GroshCoin Voucher to desired tokens and use tokens in supported Instantbeta platforms. Create MetaStaking and participate in Geton Ecosystem tokenized shareholding. Withdraw tokens to the Binance SmartChain network.
  2. Trade with tokens on the PancakeSwap - become a liquidity provider.

Course 3:


  1. Deposit tokens and use them to pay for platform products or services.
  2. Become a merchant and start earning tokens for selling your products or services.
  3. Withdraw earned tokens to the Binance SmartChain network and trade on PancakeSwap.
  4. Propose a new or rent an existing InstantBeta platform.

Course 4:


MetaCoin is enabling the functionality of the Getonledger network. Further, MetaCoin supports MetaStaking, GlobalTrading, MetaCommunity trading, and voting with decision-making activities. The tokenized shareholding allows stakeholders to enter or exit through MetaCoin Voucher. MetaCoin price is regulated by Dynamic Price Modelling Concept, according to the supply allocation. Stakeholders are selling a proportional share of staked MetaCoin through a MetaCoin Voucher and get trading income in USDT.

When you join the mentorship program on the Geton decentralized platform, you'll be included in their referral system.

How to apply?

Open the following link and enter all requested information:

If you want to purchase educational material to use and share, please visit the Geton Community Library. Follow the link and explore the available options:

Alternatively, if you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on: